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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A short khoomii clip

A very short clip from a French documentary. I would love to see more.


Anonymous said...

Nice clip. Where (in M.) was it taken? The ethnomusicologist, is it Alain Desjacques?
Regards. N.

Zarla said...

I always love this blog, I'm a huge khoomii fan and love all things mongolian.
Keep finding these clips for us.


jngl said...

I am not sure if it's Desjacques. I think it was filmed near Chandmani sum, since one of the singers is Tserendavaa.

jngl said...

Thanks, Zarla :-)

rowan hartsuiker said...

nice clip. wonder which documentary this is? looks quite good

That is Tserendavaa , and also his son. and also davaajav. But probably around 10 years ago..

Filmed in Chandmani for sure, becasue that is mountain jargalant in the back.

but i wonder who this......GIRL is? Throat singing girl!