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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Taliin Ochid (Steppenmädchen), dances and songs

This is an all-girl group that does hip-hop dancing, traditional music and dance and contortionism. They are all very young.

Tour 2008 - Traditioneller Tanz und Morin Huur

Taliin Ochid - The Trailer (PROMOVIDEO Steppenmädchen-Tour 2008)


Anonymous said...

Hi i am a teacher in New Zealand and am wanting to teach my children a mongolian song i found on you tube. Is there anyway I can get the words translated into english so they would be able to learn it?

mglmusic said...

What song?

Anonymous said...

Mongol nutgiin urs

Anonymous said...

Found it on You Tube and would really like to know what it means

mglmusic said...

Hi, sorry for the delay. This is an approximate translation, not exact, but you get the idea:

I ressemble my father
I am lucky to receive his wise teachings
He is filled
With my Mongolia

I ressemble my mother
I listen to her kind teachings
In my mom’s skillfulness
Is my Mongolia

I grew up in Blue Mongolia
Quenching my thirst with the water of the steppe
In this child’s feelings
My Mongolia fits completely