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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Horses and music

Mongolian music is closely associated with horses. Musicians imitate a horse neigh, trot or gallop, the morin khuur strings are traditionally made of horse tail and there are a number of songs praising these noble animals.
I was pretty happy to find the following video that tells the legend of Khokhoo Namjil or how the morin khuur was created:

A photo of a joroo (ambling) horse by G. Erdenetuya, joroo is a type of horse gait highly valued by Mongolians.
Some songs and music pieces inspired by the horse:
-Joroogiin joroo
-Naiman sharga
-Tsombon tuuraitai khuren
-Buural mori
-Khonin joroo mori
-Dorvon nastai khaliun
-Kheer mori
-Khokhoo Namjil
-Gunan khar
-Morini alkhaa

Jaakhan sharga, long song

Aisui khulgiin tuvurguun by Egschiglen, a contemporary piece. Takes you for a gallop in the steppe. Excellent......

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ibeam said...

Wonderful video! I have one of their CDs...