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Friday, November 14, 2008


Another massacred song....... Just like the ninja-type thief in this vid, I got scared of the creepy ghost lady and the interpretation of this beautiful traditional song. The video is not so bad, it's quite entertaining, actually, just put the volume down. I did a post some time ago about contemporary music meeting traditional music and this is an example of an experiment gone wrong. Deep Forest also sampled this song.... *sighs* and *shakes head*

If you think I am being too harsh, listen to how traditional artists interpret this song:
Rising Sun -
Mandakh nar by Altain Orgil


Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree. In general I think that rap is not a Mongolian thing. It just doesn't sound good! And the video is annoying! The whole thing is a mixture of Deep forest and Engima music, some kung-fu and Star Wars movies.

mglmusic said...

Well, there are good rap singers in mongolia, but in this case , the mixture doesn't work very well, plus they tried to copy Enigma too much.

Asian Gypsy said...

Btw, I'm not sure if you saw a comment that followed my posting of this song, but the moaning is in fact the melody for "Auschwitz", a gypsy lament for those that perished during WW2 at Auschwitz. Though I definitely prefer the gypsy version to the Deep Forest moaning. The song is from the soundtrack of Latcho Drom, a documentary about gypsy music across the world. The soundtrack and the documentary are well worth checking out.

mglmusic said...

Too bad that Deep forest mixed songs that have nothing to do in common, it kind of loses its significance when it is sampled like that