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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kitsch and wonderful

Yes, I confess, I like kitsch, so, every time they release one of those 7-8 min long patriotic videos featuring all the Mongolian pop and rock stars, I am there, watching, not missing a second of the video. I might even produce a tear or two, yep. I end up feeling guilty, but then, I see a wonderful new video and I am hooked again.

Ugluu shig ekh oron- Balkhjav (music), Gurbazar (lyrics). This one is my favorite. Probably, because there are morin khuurs

Burkhan ekh oron- Balkhjav (music), Purevdorj (lyrics)

Amin khairin ekh oron mini- Balkhjav (music), Tumenjargal (lyrics)

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