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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Norovbanzad and other vids

From time to time people post really great vids on youtube (I wasn't able to embed them, so click on the links):
Norovbanzad singing a couple of songs.
Some khoomii singing.
This one's really nice: there's a footage of a wedding with some random images and music.


rowan hartsuiker said...

Watching the Höömii video gave me goosebumps. I had this song on vinyl record. Sundui is a legendary throat singer - the one singer making this piece of art as popular as it is today, not only in Mongolia but all throughout the world.

I've never seen how he looked!!! So this is such a great surprise. Thanks for sharing!!

jngl said...

Thanks for telling me who this was. I've searched for videos of Sundui for a loooong time, but had no success and found this one without knowing it was him. Anyway, this is priceless material.

Rowan Hartsuiker said...

This is not very interesting, but just thought sharing it.

I was looking for some Japanese Butoh dance examples on youtube when I came across this one:

I was VERY surprised to hear a sample of Sundui's singing being used here. Well, shocked actually. Both have nothing to do with each other, but it sure made be laugh!!

jngl said...

nice find, thanks!