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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Types of khoomii

Watch a video where the singer , Tserendavaa, is demonstrating 6 types of khoomii in the following order:
1- Uruulin khoomii --- labial khoomii
2- Tagnain khoomii ---palatal khoomii
3- Bagalzuurin khoomii--- glottal khoomii
4- Khamrin khoomii ---nasal khoomii
5- Tseejnii khondiin khoomii ---chest cavity khoomii
6- Khosmoljin or turlegt khoomii ---khoomii combined with long song (from wikipedia)
Click here to view the video
It's in Mongolian and Japanese, the subtitles in Japanese let you know when the different khoomii techniques are used.
Sengedorj doesn't agree with this classification

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alonsii said...

Muy bueno tu blog, muy trabajado y didáctico. Es dificil encontrar material sobre canto de armónicos.

Y las fotos...deliciosas.