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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Traditional fashion

I wanted to post something about the traditional clothes and fashion, but I am no expert, so I'll keep it simple. There are many different types of clothes and styles, depending on the cultural group, here I present only a tiny portion:

I don't know who took this photo, but I found it here.
Mongolian traditional everyday clothes are perfect for the harsh climate and they are very practical. A deel is a robe with a simple cut, worn by men and women. The thing with the deel is that in winter the long sleeves are rolled down to keep the hands warm. The silk sash belt is very long and wide, so when riding a horse , it protects the spine, because it is tightly wrapped around the waist like a corset. And the pocket that forms above the sash is used to transport or store a bunch of stuff.

Photo by seriyoz

I read somewhere the legend of the origin of the married women's hairdo (with the two wing-like things on the sides of the head). I don't remember it very well, but it says that a long time ago, people were being attacked by some very mean crows. Nothing would make them go away and people were defensless against them. So, one time, the women decided to comb their hair, so that it looked like a bird. When the birds arrived, they confused the women's hairdos with giant birds and got scared. And they left the people alone. My mom told me that her mom used to wear her hair like that when she was young.
Some info about traditional clothes in mongoliatoday

Photo by darin

Photo by mykreeve
The hats and boots have special meaning. The thin point of the hat represents mount Sumber, the legendary land of the Mongolians. The curled up toes of the boots are designed like to avoid "hurting" the earth (I heard this when I was a kid, but I am not sure if it's correct)

Photo by ectomorfo
The khurem is probably my favorite Mongolian garment. It is a masculine jacket worn over the deel, but now women are wearing it too (mostly foreign tourists). I have one that I wear quite often.

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