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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Field recordings

Check out the following couple of web sites with some interesting recordings made in Mongolia by foreigners visiting the country: (in French, click on the links) (in French, random sounds)
Here, I found some cool stuff recorded in 1974 in Central and SW Mongolia (includes a recording of a dembee game, something very hard to find):
Track Listing:
1. Long song "The Sun that shines above the earth" (Uyakhan Zambutivin Naran)
2a. Short song "The ten fingers of the hand" (Garin Arvan khuruu)
2b. Another short song by Monyi "The fifteen day moon" (Arvan Tavni Sar)
3. Long song "My beautiful brown horse" (Urt Saikhan)
4. Praise song "In praise of horses" (Morni magtaal)
5. Praise song "In praise of life in a ger" (Geriin magtaal)
6. Long song "My little light bay horse" (Jaakhan sharga)
7. Mouth music (Khoomii)
8. Milking songs
a. Goats; women sing
b. Cows and khainags; men sing
c. Camels; men sing
9. Wrestler's song (Bukhiin magtaal)
10. Finger games (Dembee and Khualakh)
11. Shagai-kharvakh (game played by men with bones)
12. Long song "My beautiful Khangai land" (Seruun saikhan Khangai)


Rowan Hartsuiker said...

Thank you, that was us from field recordings in the french website :) Glad you find this and post this here.

Can I ask who you are? I can not find on this blog?? I like what you do hear, thanks for sharing.

greetings from Holland.

jngl said...

You did that? How cool is that :-) Dank u
Me, I am just a Mongolian who is a big, big fan of traditional music.
Greetings from Chile

Rowan Hartsuiker said...

I did not do actual recording and mixing, a friend from France did that. We went to Mongolia in 2007!

Chile is strange place for Mongolian, am I wrong? Ha ha!

Next year in february I leave for 6 months to West-Mongolia to make documentary on traditional nomad life and especially focus on traditional music (urtyn duu, magtaal, hoomii, bogino duu, and instruments). I hope I will be listed here someday in near future when I finished it!


jngl said...

Well, no place is strange for a nomad ;-)

And sure, I will gladly post something about your film, just let me know where I can see the trailer or something like that.