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Sunday, June 15, 2008

When traditional music meets contemporary music

I've selected some videos of songs where the traditional meets the contemporary, some are nice, some are.... not......

Kheerkhen Khaliun by Myagmarsuren. Quite a beautiful video. The singer's outfit is stunning.

Argagui amrag by Sarantuya (audio clip), a cover made in 1994, I think, but still a favorite. Original version here

Tengeriin tamga by Khar Sarnai, some khoomii, and kharkhiraa with long song, don't remember what year, but it's quite old. I have mixed feelings about this group, I don't get their videos..... What's up with the blood in the beginning?

Khulsan tashuur by Perfect

Goolingoo by Degi, an instrumental with violin

Urikhan khongor salkhi by Khongorzul. Why , oh why, was it necessary to do this? You can barely hear the long song in this cacophony of noise.

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