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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hosoo & Transmongolia, khoomii and traditional music

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When I first heard Hosoo's music from his Altai album, I must say I wasn't a fan, it was way too New Agey for me. But from the few songs that I heard from his website, performed with his group, Transmongolia, it sounds pretty good, plus his khoomii skills are very impressive. Click here to listen to a very cool khoomii and human beatbox song.
Hosoo and Transmongolia's website (in German)


Anonymous said...

I know many Mongolian throat singers by now, but Hosoo is without doubt the best I have heard. His style and technique is developed in most perfect way. Hearing him sing in real life is amazing experience and he makes throat singing an even more amazing piece of art.

I think only Amartuvshin of Egschiglen can reach at his level.

See this video if you have not seen it already.

I record this with small camera at a cafe in Ulaan Baatar. He plays on my Tovshuur, ha ha! Such nice moment...

mglmusic said...

Your tovshuur is blessed now :-)
I have seen it, is it a movie? what's it called?