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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mongolische Pferdekopfgeige, documentary

This is a documentary about the morin khuur by Philippe Truffault. Click on the links to read an article and view the video clips (in German and French).
Mongolische Pferdekopfgeige
Vièle mongole à tête de cheval
Thanks for the link, Nirgidmaa


Rowan Hartsuiker said...

Wow, beautiful!

I am really glad to see this, especially the second clip. This features the ritual of the Morin khuur for a mother camel to accept a young to drink from her milk. So beautiful...

Very rare to see this kind of footage.

jngl said...

Yeah, I liked the second clip too. Each time I see things like that, I am impressed by the power the morin khuur sounds have. It has to be a really special instrument to soften such a big and powerful animal.

rowan hartsuiker said...

You know, I listen to the morin khuur for a long time, I also saw/heard it live quite a lot. But when I visited Mongolia and heard it being played right in front of me, I was so amazed by it's sound. It has a very powerful and detailed sound, I can not explain.

It's very different to hear it right in front of you in stead of from radio or through boxes from a concert. I imagine these animals being fascinated by this impressive instrument which produces such unique sounds.

I think it's not possible to capture true power of this instrument on digital media, only hearing it next to you will do so. And Mongols show how they truely understand their animals, which is inspiring and beautiful.