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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mongolian National Song and Dance Academic Ensemble

When visiting UB, the Mongolian National Song and Dance Academic Ensemble's show is a must see. It offers a great overview of the Mongolian songs and dances. I remember seeing their show a couple of years ago, the khoomii singer was throat singing O Sole mio. I guess, foreign tourists find it quite entertaining, since it's a very well-known song. But, why O Sole mio? It seems like most of the khoomii singers sing this song at one point of their carrers. Okay, I digress.... Anyway, they have great artists and it's a pity missing it if you visit the country.

Video shot by Imagination Lighthouse
There is a female khoomii singer in the ensemble. I don't know who she is. She is good!

Click here and scroll down to view a video of a long song called Khoyor bor by Tsogtsaikhan. Very beautiful.


NwG said...


I very much enjoyed browsing through your blog and (in combination with a few other factors) it has made me even more curious to learn about traditional Mongolian music. Unfortunately, it seems that the website of the Mongolian National Song and Dance Academic Ensemble does no longer work (inlcuding some of the songs you refer to) ... :-(

Thank you + Kind regards from Baghdad,

jngl said...

Thanks a lot for the comment, Niels. It seems their domain name expired or something. Hopefully, they will solve this problem soon. I am trying to find the Khoyor Bor vid, so as soon as I find it, i'll post it here.


miro said...

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