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Friday, October 3, 2008

Enkhjargal aka Epi and Oppermann, live show

A multi-cultural concert. La classe!

I'm curious about what he says in the end....

Enkhjargal raps and dances :-)


rowan hartsuiker said...

My German is not very good - But I can understand many. It's hard to hear what he says in the end, though!

I think he says:

"Jetzt kommt nächste stuck meine dames und heren, ..."

He says two more words but I dot not know what. It simply means: "Now my next piece will follow ladies and gentlemen".

Not very interesting, ha ha! Funny though.

jngl said...

Oh, ok, mystery cleared. :-) Dank u

glasfaden said...

The last two words are "das war's", means "that's it" :) I saw him live today. A great musician!