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Friday, February 22, 2008

Altan Urag, folk rock

I was pretty impressed with this particular group, Altan Urag... Through fusing rock and traditional music , they have managed to attract a wide variety of fans, especially young people who had no interest in traditional music. Bravo... You can find them on and

Photos by Martin Waugh


Anonymous said...

i LOVE this group. do you know of anywhere in the USA that their music can be purchased?

thank you

mglmusic said...

Their CDs can be purchased only in Mongolia, as far as I know. But, it is possible to buy the soundtracks of films where their music is included on internet: Mongol and Khadak


Anonymous said...

Altan Urag is tourin in Europe in May - June 2010. Please circulate:

13-16 May Paris, France

26-29 May Hong Kong (Music Matters Forum opening & brand case presentation):

16-30 May Jardi’n'Jazz, Nantes, France:

1 June Mandapa Centre, Paris, France:

2-3 June Moda Palace, Milan, Italy

4 June Tanzpalast, Berlin, Germany:

5 June Geneva, Zwitzerland:

6-7 June Antwerpen, Belgium

8 June Amsterdam, Holland

10 June Leave Paris for Ulaanbaatar