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Friday, August 22, 2008

Mongol Khoomii, music festival

I was trying to gather some info about a khoomii festival organized in Mongolia, but there is not much info. Anyway, there is a Mongol Khoomii Festival organized by the Mongolian Khoomii Federation. It took place in June 2008 and about 100 artists participated. They are planning to organize a festival on an international level in 2009. The Khoomii Association was founded in 2001 by A. Tseden-Ish to preserve and promote the art of khoomii.
There is also a khoomii festival in Khovd:

During the 2006 edition of the festival.

Hosoo at the festival


Rowan Hartsuiker said...

I have contact with one person who helped to organize Khoomii festival 2008.

This is very small festival, not well sponsored or promoted.

The festival in Khovd and the 2006 festival (in Chandman) are all the same festival. In 2008 it was held in Ulaan Baatar.

Photos from 2008 can be seen here:
This was biggest version yet! Very nice!!

jngl said...

Hey, thanks for the input, I really appreciate it. Since I rely 99% on the stuff I find on internet, when there is no info, it's kinda frustrating.
The Khoomii festival deserves more publicity, since a lot of great artists participate there and it's an important festival.
The photos are great, I see a lot of familiar faces!

Andrew said...


my name is Andrew, I'm the person whose videos of the 2006 festival you are posting on this site. On youtube, I am "acolwe."
This site is great, amazingly comprehensive. It'd be great to email with you. I lived in Mongolia for two years and I'm sure there are many things to share.
I'm very curious about you and your projects, too. Best.


jngl said...

Hi, Andrew, thanks for the comment. Sure, I'll get in touch with you.

SAM C=' said...

Hi jngl,

Hosoo with attempt a hoomii festival in UB, around the 8th of May. Don't have more info.

francaas Sam C='

jngl said...

Merci, Sam. I'll try to find more info on it