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Friday, September 12, 2008

A concert from the old days

Watch this concert here. This is a concert that took place during the 17th Congress of the Communist youth. I was watching this when suddenly something really caught my attention. Around the minute 30 of the film , there is a group of women playing shanz and they are singing (in Mongolian first and then in Spanish) a song, Venceremos, of a group called Quilapayun from Chile. Very interesting. Quilapayun's version:


Mark said...

Sadly, the link to the concert leads only to an error message. Damn, it looked so promising!

Thanks for the wonderful work you do here. I've only just found your site. I was looking for Serashi, a genius of a musician, who seems pretty much unknown. Well worth tracking down, though. I have a CD which I got from Lei Liang, who produced it for the China Record Corporation (who do not appear to have copies...).

Best wishes

mglmusic said...

Hi, Mark
Thanks for the comment. i've corrected the link. I will try to upload the video here if possible.

Mark said...

Thanks for correcting that. The arrival of 'Venceramos' is, frankly, bizarre!