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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mongolian calligraphy

A video about a calligraphy artist, it is in Mongolian, so to sum up what he is talking about: he's name is Tamir and he's been a professional calligraphist for 5 years. For him, this art is energy and strength of the brush strokes, before writing, he meticulously plans every movement. He regularly organizes exhibitions in France and he also published a book there. The book, a result of a two-year labor is about the Mongolian wise sayings and is illustrated by Bayart-Od: Sur la terre des Mongols
When the journalist asks him to write the word "horse", he explains that the brush strokes have to reflect the stamina and the speed of the animal, he also adds a smaller, more detailed writing and a red stamp to enhance the beauty of the script.

Reportage TV

TAMIR | MySpace Videos

Calligraphy and music:

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Anonymous said...

it's amazing! потрясающе!