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Friday, June 13, 2008

Dorvon Berkh, music project

View a video here
Powerful stuff........
This project was created in 2007 . The aim was to reunite 4 of the biggest khoomii singers of Mongolia to perform together. The name, Dorvon Berkh, comes from a traditional ankle bone (shagai) game, the ankle bone has four different sides that symbolize four animals. When four bones are thrown and fall each on a different side, it is called dorvon berkh. This brings good luck and predicts an excellent future. Four different sides, four styles of khoomii: N. Sengedorj, B. Odsuren, D. Tserendavaa, N. Ganzorig.
Website (in French)


Norto said...

Claro, claro...buscando música mongola era inevitable encontrarse con Ninjin...te caché po! :-) Bonito blog...volveré!!! Saludines barceloneses

jungleorkid said...

Pero si es Norto, poooh.... :-) Saludines para vos