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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Amazing yatga playing

Oh, wow, I'd never seen anything like this!!!! Boerte's Munkh-Erdene really rocks, if I may say so. She plays two yatga at the same time and also plays it with a bow! Amaaaaaazing! She's taken yatga playing to a whole new level. The woman is a genius.

Here, with a limbe player
Her CV (in German)


Rowan Hartsuiker said...

Yes she is a real virtuoso on yatga. Very nice, wonderful talent and very inspiring!!

Are you familiar with Boertes music? I am not. I heard some every now and then, but not much. I browsed their website just now and they have free songs on there. I really like what I hear, sad that I never focused on them.

Actually I just discovered Nasaa from Ensemble TransMongolia used to play Bishgüür in Boerte. Now that surprised me, I never knew that. So funny!

I think I'll try some of their CD's soon.

Thanks for the vids.

jngl said...

I discovered Boerte a few years ago, when they classified their music ethno-jazz and immediately was hooked. I think Mongolian musicians don't get famous enough, even though they are good...

There are a number of musicians that played in different groups and ensembles: Enkhjargal (Epi) used to be in Altain Orgil for example...