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Friday, November 7, 2008

Tsaatan, the Reindeer people

This is a documentary about the Tsaatans or Dukha who inhabit the north of Mongolia, in the taiga region. For thousands of years they've been herding reindeer, an animal that provides practically everything for them. The Mongolian reindeer is the southernmost of all the reindeers in the world. There are no more reindeers to the south. Their population has been decimated because of diseases like brucellosis and prolonged inbreeding. Another problem is the climate change. With the rising temperatures, the moss and lichen (reindeer food) are starting to disappear. If the food disappears, the animals will, if the animals disappear, the people will. Only a few Tsaatans are left, because young people prefer moving to urban areas instead of staying home and continue living in a traditional way of life.
The subtitles in this film are sometimes very inaccurate btw.
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Uran Dush, a Tsaatan song by D.Ariunaa

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

These people are very articulate. I cringed every time that urban girl they are talking with tried to say something.