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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Jantsannorov, composer

Photo from
Jantsannorov - Concerto for yatga -
Jantsannorov is one of the most famous of Mongolian composers. He is known for incorporating traditional elements in his compositions. He's composed music for films and around 30 musical pieces for the State Morin Khuur Ensemble.
Read an article about him in UB Post
Listen to his music here

A documentary about Jantsannorov (in Mongolian):
part 1
part 2


bluen said...

Does anybody know if the record "Let the mount Burkhan Khaldun bless you" by Jantsannorov can be purchased on-line, either as download or as CD?

bluen said...

Is the record "Let the Mount Burkhan Khaldun Bless You!" available for on-line purchase? (Download or CD)

Unknown said...

Does anybody know how do i get in touch with Jantsannorov, who represents him?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could buy it on the

Woody said...

"Let the Mount Burkhan Khaldun Bless You!" is available on the U.S. Amazon site. See: Unfortunately, it is the only Jantsannorov music available on Amazon. Does anyone know where to buy other albums, like "Mandukhai the Wise OST" or "Guardian Spirit of the Saint"?