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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Elections 2008

Just came upon this:

During the violent riots that followed the elections, protesters destroyed and stole instruments, costumes, artwork and original manuscripts (!!!!) that were inside the Central Cultural Palace that is situated next to the People's Revolutionary Party's HQ. It makes me sick to my stomach..... Shame on you, people.... What do music and art have to do with dirty, disgusting politics and corrupted politicians who have sold and stolen the country's natural resources and caused nothing but economic stagnation and an ever growing gap between the rich and the poor? Does art have to do with the president who is using his post to get richer and richer? I don't think so....
The description of the video reads:
"State musicians from the Morin Huuriin Chuulga (Horsehead Fiddle Ensemble) and the Philharmonic Orchestra assess the damage the day after the riots in Ulaanbaatar. Attacks on the Central Cultural Palace resulted in considerable damage and loss to instruments, costumes, and repertoire, including original manuscripts. Footage shot by Tugsuu"

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