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Saturday, September 6, 2008


This song needs no introduction... Alsin gazrin zereglee was made famous when a certain group from the 90s sampled it in one of their songs. It was interpreted by a lot of Mongolian artists, but one of the most beautiful versions is by Nergui:
alsingazrin -
I also found this vid:

It's a pity that they need to change a perfectly good song into... pfffff....Classics shouldn't be massacred like that. A classic is a classic is a classic..... Maybe I am exaggerating or maybe the video was too much for me. What's the deal with the lady painting on a girl? The singer, Byambajargal, is excellent, though. She's with the National Song and Dance Academic Ensemble


Anonymous said...

I said it before but I really like your effort in sharing your discoveries on Mongolian music (and other things). This is a wonderful post again.

This version of Alsin gazrin zereglee is so beautiful. I do not know Nergui? At least nog this female singer. This song is so simplistic in all it's sound, so beautiful.

For the video. Although I'm quite hard on modernizing these kind of melodies, I do not dislike this version. I must say that the video is just plain ugly. Too bad, because the singer is so pretty.

mglmusic said...

Thanks :-)

Nergui Adilbish, one the biggest.

And the video, yeah, I think I went blind for a couple of seconds after seeing it....