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Thursday, April 23, 2009

The morin khuur

"Mongolia’s most famous instrument, the Morin Khuur or Horse Head Fiddle, is known around the world as a magnificent stringed marvel. Today the fiddle is invariably carved from wood so that its uppermost part looks like a horse, but when the instrument originated during the time of the Huns, it often had an eagle or a dragon for a head and was known as a Pi-Pa". Read the full article at the UB Post

1 comment:

Tan John Hao said...

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are students from Meridian Junior College in Singapore. We are currently working on a project about conserving Morin Khuur. We found out that Mongolian government and various organisation has implemented numerous strategies in conserving Morin Khuur. We would like to find out more about the strategies and current state of Morin Khhur. We would greatly appreciate if you could spend some of your time to enlighten us on the following question:

1) Why is it important to conserve the Morin Khuur? Does it have any significant to the Mongolian?

2) Could you provide us any details about initiatives conducted by any organization or government to promote Morin Khuur?

3) We have heard that Morin Khuur Ensemble organization have performed in many international stages. How has this help to generate interest of Morin Khuur in people? How was the response towards these performances?

4)How has the creation of the Morin Khuur Youth Ensemble boosted the popularity and image of Morin Khuur in eyes of youths in Mongolia? Are there any further effort to promote the playing of Morin Khuur by the youth ensemble?

5)Has the collaboration with organizations in spearheading International Festival of Morin Khuur in Ulaanbaatar help to increase the profile of conservation effort? How does it help? Could you us more information and statistic about the festival( e.g., attendance rates, the programmes of festival, the responses etc.)

If you couldn't provide any info for the above question, could you provide us some info about how to contact with Morin Khuur Ensemble or other related organisation for our research (email etc.)?

It is really appreciated of you could reply to our email as soon as possible. We ensure that the information that you provide us will be just for research purpose only and will not be circulating. We would like to express the upmost gratitude for your co-operation. You could reply us back via email:

Yours faithfully,

Tan John Hao, leader of project research team