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Monday, September 1, 2008

Morin khuur, l'ame du cavalier mongol, documentary

This documentary about the morin khuur looks very beautiful. MORIN KHUUR, L'ÂME DU CAVALIER MONGOL by Benoit Segur
Watch the trailer (in English) here


Anonymous said...

I've seent his (the Trailer), is there any information about this documentary? Release date?

Seems very modern execution. (which is sometimes good, sometimes bad). I'm interested to see this though!

mglmusic said...

From the little info I found on the film, it belongs to a series called Patrimoine immatériel UNESCO: Chef d'oeuvre de l'humanité, that was made for ZED (they have some really excellent movies)
It's in HDTV and it was shown on French tv channels. I would like to see it too. Sorry, I found nothing else.

Anonymous said...

This documentary is now available to watch for free online through I think this is a very well made film, with some beautifully touching scenes. We see three children learning to play the Morin Khuur, and finally performing in a theatre, but also a traditional Morin Khuur craftsman passing his knowledge to the younger generation.

I was very happy watching this. UNESCO does a great thing supporting Mongolian folk music, and "proclaiming the traditional music of the Morin Khuur a masterpiece of the Oran and Intangible Heritage of Humanity".

Click this link

mglmusic said...

Thanks for the link


Anonymous said...

what a crazy world. in France it was on TV, and that station has also Web-TV, but specatators from Germany can't watch it. The Chinese have their "Great FireWall" and we have this f*****g never ending story about viewing rights across borders in Europe. By car I can cross the border, but TOR is too slow for streaming ;.( Next time I go to France and plug in a 3G antenna in my laptop or I use my dvb-t thingie.