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Monday, August 11, 2008

Contemporary music

No traditional music today. For years I had no interest in Mongolian pop and rock music , because the musicians and singers were doing the same thing for years without any innovation, plus most of them were super kitsch for my taste. So, I thought the pop and rock scene in Mongolia was beyond booooring. Fortunately it is starting to change:

I just love these guys. Cryin by A-Sound

Tugs tuguldur by Softcore


medevacdoc said...

have you heard of a group called "Hungai"-? They are Mongolian, currently in China, and they are great! I heard them while in Jo'bert, S. Africa on a CNN blurb, and want to find a CD-but can't...can you help? Medevacdoc

jngl said...

I are probably talking about Hanggai
They are from Inner Mongolia, not from Mongolia