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Thursday, August 28, 2008

An anthology of Mongolian dances

Finding this documentary from the 70s (?) was really wonderful, it has a nice collection of Mongolian dances. The Traditional Dance and Song Ensemble has toured the USSR and other socialist countries and also India, France, Italy and Japan among others, receiving a lot of positive feedback.
The dances included in the film (I tried to write them all down, I hope there are no mistakes):
Saalchin- Luvsansharav (music), Sevjid (choreography)
Jalam khar- Choidog (m), Sevjid (c)
Dashmagt bujig -Tserendorj (m), Dorjpalam (c)
Baruun Mongol ardin bujig- Iderbat (m), Sukhbaatar (c)
Khuukheldein bujig- Batbayar (m), Sevjid (c)
Khatagtai nar- ? (m), Sevjid (c)
Mongol busgui- Luvsansharav (m), Sukhbaatar (c)
Eeruuliin bujig- Tserendorj (m), Sevjid (c)
Uyelzuur -Butet (m), Dolgorsuren (c)
Mongol bujgiin tsomorlig- Tserendorj (m), Sevjid (c)

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