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Monday, September 1, 2008

Morin khuur - Der Klang der steppe, documentary

Wow, I can't believe I just watched a film in German! I understood about 0,1% of what the narrator was saying, but I liked it. It follows a family of camel herders, shows the Morin khuur Ensemble, the composer Jantsannorov is in this film too. The music of the film is, of course, very beautiful. Watch Morin khuur- der Klang der steppe (in German) by Wolfgang Groh-Bourgett. You will probably have to adjust the media type which is under the player.


Anonymous said...

I didn't enjoy this documentation too much. Beside the interviews of Jantsannorov and Batchuluun it was quite silly. There are better ones, i.e.:

and a documentation "Die Musik der Mongolei", but worse, too:


jngl said...

Thanks, since I don't speak German, I just enjoyed the images and the sounds of the film....

I appreciate the link, I'll watch it later, maybe they have this film in French, then i will be able to understand it