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Monday, June 16, 2008

Traditional music instruments

Take a look at the following videos. Not all of the Mongolian instruments are present, but you get the general idea.

Khel khuur (jaw harp) a small, but versatile instrument. There are two types of khel khuur: the first one is the tumur khuur (metal harp) and the other one is the khulsan khuur (bamboo/wooden harp)

A praise song to Chinggis khaan by Tenger Ayalguu. Opens with khel khuur, accompanied by an instrument I am not familiar with. Then, morin khuur, tovshuur (2 string lute) and tuur (single headed drum).

Yatga (Mongolian zither), played by Boerte's Munkh-Erdene, accompanied by ikh khuur (horse-head bass) and morin khuur.

An instrumental by Mandakh Nar, featuring various instruments including the yochin (box zither dulcimer)

Tenger Ayalguu, morin khuur, yochin, limbe (transverse flute), ever buree (oboe)

Boerte, the khoomii singer is playing a khel khuur and denshig (bells)

Shanz or shudraga (3 string lute), played by Enkhtsetseg
For more info on the instruments, click here


Anonymous said...

Concerning mongolian Instruments: I found a list (from J. Badraa's "Mongol Ardin Khogjim") here:

mglmusic said...

Thank u, Nirgidmaa. I know this site, but I hadn't seen this list. There are a number of instruments I've never even heard of.

Anonymous said...

So, the 2'nd video's 2'nd Instrument seems to be an aman khil/ khiil (little difference between the original and the quote...
Khil means num (mn)/ bow (en).

mglmusic said...

Thanks a lot

Jose @ Chromatic Tuner said...

Wow.. their music culture looks kind cool.