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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Zokhiolin duu

So, this post is about zokhiolin duu, a genre that I would classify as pop folk (I have to confess , I don't really know how to call it), and it's a genre that I don't like at all, sorry. But it's super popular in Mongolia.

This is Javhlan, the most famous singer of zokhiolin songs. I was once vacationing in Khovsgol, when Javhlan arrived in his orange Hummer followed by his entourage. It was a quiet afternoon, and as soon as the car appeared on the horizon, a bunch of people started coming out of the forest and from behind the gers, yelling, "Singer Javhlan is here! Singer Javhlan is here!" I think I was the only person there who had no idea who Javhlan was. So, in less than 2 minutes half of the local people were gathered there. The next day he gave a very nice concert and everyone was very happy. I enjoyed the concert too, it was nice to see the local people's faces, I don't think they get to see a star everyday.
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