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Monday, May 19, 2008

Long songs by male performers

A beautiful song with khoomii. View this video here

Uvgun shuvuu by Tamir

Tooroi bandi, a traditional song about a thief who steals horses from the rich and gives them to the poor and a hero who fought against the Manchu invaders. Don't know the name of the singer.


Anonymous said...

Urtyn Duu is such unique kind of music. I can only imagine me smiling listening to this music. Sometimes so simple, yet always beautiful.

Today I listened to some Vinyl with Urtyn Duu by both male and female. I asked myself what I prefer; male or female? I thought about this but I'm sure I can never prefer male over female or vise versa.

Both are so beautiful. But I want you to show a video. This is Mongolian singer Hurdbataar. He is unknown for me, I only know him from this video. Yet hie impresses me so much, I watch this regularly, and I would love to hear more from him. Is he professional singer, or just local artist with his few minutes of fame?? Please help.

mglmusic said...

Thanks for the comment.

I don't know this singer, Hurdbaatar, googled him, but didn't find anything.

I think, sometimes, I prefer male singers, but both male and female singing makes me feel goosebumps :-)

TLittle said...

Speaking of Long Songs by Male Performers, do you recognize this song? It's about 4-5 years old and it was part of a music video collection. The video has a lot of milk being poured.

mglmusic said...

Hi, the song in the clip is not a long song, it is a zokhiolin duu. I don't know which song it is, sorry

Anonymous said...

The video is not available because the YouTube account has been terminated :-(
(Tooroi bandi)

Johnmikeh said...

Would you know who the singer and song is which is featured in the film 'Tuya's Marriage'? It is a long song sung by a male singer, on Netflix (usa) the song occurs at the 57 minute mark during a scene where they are riding on a large truck.
Thank you very much for this page.