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Monday, February 9, 2009

Images and music

Jaw harp


Claudio Melo Eventos, Espiritualidade e Terapias said...

Hi, there! I only know the group Shu-De from Tuva and Sainkho from Mongolia. All the others are strange for me. But I love world music, shamamic, meditative and so on. I would like to know other groups from your country. I think a text explaining for us would be very interesting! Thanks a lot! hugs from Brazil.

jngl said...

Hi, Claudio. Sainkho is actually from Tuva too. All the singers and groups are listed on the right side of this blog. But to mention some: Altai Khangai, Zulsar, Hosoo, Enkhjargal, Norovbanzad, Altain Orgil, Chimedtseye, Egschiglen, Boerte, Sundui, etc... Thanks for the suggestion