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Monday, September 15, 2008

Khoomii at the Many Moons festival

I couldn't catch the singer's name. He's excellent.... The woman introducing the khoomii singer says that throat singing is done thanks to the men's adam's apple, well, hmmmmm, that's not true. That has nothing to do with the ability to khoomii. I can khoomii a little bit (not as good as this guy, but I can :-P) and last time I checked , I was a girl, so I don't have an adam's apple (otherwise it would be a bit weird). Maybe that has to do with the superstition that a woman is not supposed to khoomii because she will be infertile if she does. Well, I say, pfffffffff, it's pure nonsense! Women from around the world that throat sing: Cheinesh Baytuchkina from the Altai Republic, fabulous and wonderful Sanikho Namtchilak from Tuva, Usukhjargal Purevsuren from Khukh Mongol, Alimaa, the girls from Tyva Kyzy, the Inuit singer Tanya Tagaq Gillis, Shonchulai Choodu from Tuva, etc.

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Aki Gaul said...

Hi, nice to visit in your place. Have a nice day and Greeting's from Jakarta, Indonesia !