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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mongolia Might Store Foreign Spent Nuclear Fuel? Are you kidding me?

Our govt has been constantly taking short-sighted and ridiculous decisions regarding the environment, especially in the past few years. Without even thinking about the future, our oficials have allowed mining EVERYWHERE (yeah, who cares about the consequences of this very harmful activity on the environment), the hunting of endangered animals (what part of endangered don't they understand?), etc... And now, I come upon this news that the US wants Mongolia to store foreign nuclear waste...! And I am pretty sure the government will agree with this... I don't really know what to do to stop this, so I am just spreading this info... Seriously worrysome news.
Монголд дэлхийн цөмийн хаягдлыг авчирч булах зоорь барих уу?
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