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Saturday, December 4, 2010

The National Anthem of Mongolia

I wanted to post about the National Anthem of Mongolia which is one of my favorite anthems. It was created in 1950 and composed by B.Damdinsuren and L.Murdorj, the lyrics were written by T.Damdinsuren. I like the fact that the lyrics mention culture and language...

Our unwavering independent nation
All Mongols' sacred ancestry
All world's good deeds
Always stable, forever continue
With all honest nations of the world
Strengthen our bonds
With all our will and strength
Let's praise our beloved Mongolia
Our great nation's symbol blesses
The people's fate supports
Our ancestry, culture and language
Let's forever cherish and prosper
Bright peoples of brave Mongolia
Have freedom and happiness
Key to happiness, column for prosperity
Our great country prosper
The following video is actually quite nice, although I am not a fan of over the top hairdos and I wish the singers were vocally better, but the quality of the video and the costumes are excellent.

This version is by the Military Dance and Song Ensemble

The kids' rendition is beautiful, I just wonder why they had to copy the All stars version and dress the children in adult clothes

The All stars rendition

1 comment:

Frangipan said...

I almost made it to Mongolia this summer, very sad that I didn't. Great music!