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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Galsan Tschinag, writer

Galsan Tschinag is a Tuvan-Mongolian author who writes mainly in German. I didn't know this, but he also sings, so I thought it would be interesting to share a clip of him singing a shamanic song:

More videos here:
Here is a couple of his beautiful poems:
A beam of sunlight lies
Upon the glacier

The storm bends it
Pelting me
With needles of ice
As I watch

With an eye full of cloud scrap
Drifting toward the beam of light
I pull myself together

Into all my pores
Winter invades

To My Mountain

Every stone has
Its place
On your body

What will I do
If someday I find
No more space
In the hollows
Of your stony slopes?

Likely I shall
Dissolve in the wind
To howl around you
With the hungry wolves
And the dismissed grasses
Of summertime
Thanks, Rowan, Lisa and Franzisca

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