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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Altan Urag's new album

So, this song is from the group's new album called Blood. Not bad, but I kind of regret the fact that they are getting farther away from the traditional music style that gives their music such awesomeness. Anyway, I am curious to listen to the rest of the songs.


Bilguun said...

They're working with the Arts Council for promotion and tours. A friend of mine who works there has told me that they've been working on 4 concept albums, 1 traditional 1 modern, 1 bluesy and I forget the other. Perhaps a folk metal album in line with this song. They were to be released simultaneously. The release date was set for 30 Jan, but nothing happened so far. They've been performing this song at Ikh Mongol pub though. They play Sundays and Tuesdays and it's worth going to Ikh Mongol just for that.

jngl said...

Thanks for the info, Bilguun. I was surprised when I listened to this song because it's quite different from what they've been doing so far, but now I understand.

Bilguun said...

Btw, they've got another new song up on their myspace page: "Herlen Barya" a remix of a traditional song, which is alright but not as good as their version of Shiree Nuur.

jngl said...

Yeah, I agree, it's not as good as Shiree.... it's not as harmonious, I think