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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sounds of Mongolia

So, one of my readers (well, this is not exactly a reading blog since I don't usually write much, but it sounds kinda fancy), so, as I was saying, one of my readers is currently working on a documentary about the nomadic life and music in Mongolia, and I thought I could lend a hand by posting this. If you would like to help him with this project, please, read the following:

Hello Khoomei fans,

Currently I am finishing pre-production on my documentary involving traditional Nomad life & music.
In the past year I have been gathering information, resources, contacts and finally I come close
to realisation.

My first shoot is planned for the end of this month, september 2008 – However I’m still discussing with my
photographer if this is this is possible – I highly hope this, because I am almost ready to start! This project consists
out of two parts; One mainly focusing on Nomad life, the other concentrating on traditional Mongolian music.
This last part is called ‘Sounds of Mongolia’, (may change, but I like this to be a simple and clear title).

Sounds of Mongolia will focus on Hosoo & TransMongolia ensemble – which I will interview and film. I will
film a concert of them in Germany but as well as solo performances of each of their speciality (Like Morin Khuur,
Höömii, Bishgüür, Tovshuur and Ikh Khuur). This interview focuses not only on technical questions, but as well
as general questions about music involving traditional nomad life, history of the members, etc.

My main goal is this not te make a pure informative documentary, but an audiovisual experience in a musical world
unknown for many people. However it would be interesting for me to hear form you what you would like to see, or
definately not want to see. I can still change things in this fase of pre-production. Do you have specific questions/answers
you would like to hear? Specific things you want to see? It’s all possible to try at this moment.

Please share your words.

Originally posted here
Good luck with your project, Rowan. Can't wait to see it.

UPDATE: View a clip of the film here


Bilguun said...

Hmm interesting project. It seems more focused on the Ensemble than anyone else. Perhaps they can feature Altan Urag and a few other hybrid / post-traditional music bands coming out of Mongolia.

jngl said...

I agree, the new kind of traditional music that is being created by some artists is very interesting: Altain Orgil, Boerte and Egschiglen.... Regarding the technique, the big khoomii singers like Sengedorj, Ganbold, Tserendavaa to name some..... I suppose , if you will follow Hosoo , you will go to his birthplace, Chandmani, where almost everyone knows how to khoomii (I am exaggerating a bit) and it would be interesting to listen to ordinary people too , I think

jngl said...

Hmmm, I was also thinking, the khoomii singers have different opinions on how many styles there are in khoomii, what does Hosoo think about it? I am not sure whether there is an "oficial" classification made by an musicologist or something like that, because I see different versions of how Mongolian khoomii should be classified.

Rowan Hartsuiker said...

Hello Bilguun. And hello jngl (thanks for posting),

Hosoo and TransMongolia will provide the BASE of "Sounds of Mongolia". So yes the main focus is on this ensemble. However, because the story will feature more than Höömii alone, there will also be seen other artists from Mongolia (Sengedorj, Tserendavaa, local artists, etc.). These will only be filmed after 2009, though! So my coming shoot this month has not much to do with that, YET!

I will stay at Chandman, west-Mongolia, for few months then. I can film a lot of (amateur)artist of whom I some have met already! So this will feature also child singers, etc.

I will try to discuss with Hosoo if I can get in contact with Egschiglen. I do not know them personally, but it would be nice to work with them as part of this project, too!

Thanks for reading.

Rowan Hartsuiker said...

jngl, about your second post;
That's interesting. You are right, everybody has another opinion about that.

I decided to focus on Saruul for questions about Höömii. He will also demonstrate all techniques he learned (from his teacher, Hosoo, for being his uncle of course!)

I will put this on the list, a question regarding the classification of höömii by Hosoo/Saruul could be interesting.