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Monday, September 8, 2008


Whenever I am watching Mongolian music videos on Youtube, I see a lot of comments from nationalists and other crazy people who feel the need to be unnecessarily aggressive towards the others. Insults from some (doesn't matter their nationality), callings from others to get united and whatnot and others who just want to feel they are important (even when they are not) and blabber stuff. I don't feel angry when I see these comments, I just ignore them. As they say in Spanish : A palabras necias, oídos sordos meaning ignore the stupid things people say. And I say, get a life, people, there is enough space for all of us on this planet. The guy who is saying big words, hitting his chest like an overly excited chimp and feeling all superior, is just trying to camouflage his fear. For some reason people are afraid of what is different: different complexion, accent, customs, etc. Relax and let others live.
Some cool music to shake off this ugliness, Introduction to Nomads:

Modern Nomads - Cuthberth

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