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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Alimaa, khoomii

I am always complaining that I can't find any videos of female khoomii singers, but found one here:

The first time I saw it, for some reason, I'd thought it was a recording of a male singer with some woman's video. It turned out, it was her the one who was singing. Her khoomii isn't perfect at times, but she's making an effort. I was impressed by her kharkhiraa. There's another one here


Rowan Hartsuiker said...

You can find these clips on the DVD 'Nomadic Melodies'. Not very professional made DVD, but still very nice. I do not like the fact the sound is from studio and images are shot seperate. Makes bit fake synchronisation.

It is available here:

To download embedded movies from website: You need Firefox and a so called 'embedded downoader'. This allows you to download sound or movies which are hidden inside pages.

jngl said...

Thanks a lot! I am pretty clumsy with computers and internet stuff, but I will try this embedded downloader thingie. :-)

It's a pity they didnt make a better quality dvd